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Advantages and disadvantages of riding bicycles to school

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Advantages and disadvantages of riding bicycles to school

In about 150 – 180 words, write about the advantages and disadvantages of riding bicycles to school: Together with our development, our transports has improved a lot. Therefore, nowadays, many people use cars or motorbikes to go to work or take their children to school.
Advantages and disadvantages of riding bicycles to school
Together with our development, our transports has improved a lot. Therefore, nowadays,  many people use cars or motorbikes to go to work or take their children to school.
          In the past, students went to school on foot, but most of them went to school by bikes. But now, they go to school by electric bicycles and some are taken to school by their parents’cars or motorbikes. Although they know these kinds transports are one of the causes of air pollution, they still use them and they even don’t care about going to school by bike. In the other way, you are relying on modern transports too much that you even use them arbitrarily. However, I do still believe that bikes have their own advantages while no transports have. First of all, when you go to school by bike, that means you are protecting the environment since/because riding bicycles to school is an environmental friendly activity. Secondly, riding bikes to school is one of the most useful ways for students to stay healthy. Most students feel themselves more active and life will be easier when they ride bicylces. That’s why it is everyday that many foreigners ride bikes. Last but not least, riding a bike from home to school or from school to home helps us decreases stress levels. You will feel more comfortable if you ride a bike.
          Beside those advantages, riding a bike to school also has some downsides. Persionally, I think it is quite hard to ride a bike to school for someone live far from their school because they have to ride their bike for a long way. They have to get up early every morning to cycle to school, and sometimes they are late for school, and it’s so terrible for some students who oversleep. Furthermore, it’s so difficult to ride a bike to school in rainy day. You may be in unexpected troubles.
          In conclusion, I strongly believe that riding a bike to school is not only the best way to protect the environment but also the best way to stay healthy. Therefore, students should use their bikes to go to school instead of many others kinds of transports.

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